OpEx Activity Management and Team Building

The best companies are built around the best teams. Optegrity’s Booster module gives your team the ability to achieve operational excellence while the organization enjoys the benefits of having strong lean thinkers.

Operational Excellence Program 

  • Easily track and capture Lean activities from Kaizen participation to benchmarking to teaching and training.​

  • Schedule, plan and track larger Kaizen events with multiple participants, goals, and outcomes.

  • Module builder to customize the lean certification program 

  • Built-in A3 problem solving template with a project management module

Measure Impact

  • Intuitive dashboards allow managers and frontline employees to see the impact of their Lean activities.

  • Monitor participation in Lean activities across your business. 

  • Builtin communication and auto escalation to assure lean activities results are achieved

Create a Culture

  • Create a culture of Lean thinking by creating a Lean certification program unique to your business.

  • Set standards and encourage participation in Lean activities.

  • Built-in a gamified recognition work flow to appreciate employees engagement. 

  • Built-in online store to translate operators collected point into company’s swags.