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Optegrity Solutions
Helping Excellence Flow...
Who we are?
Who we are

Optegrity is the Midwest's largest lean manufacturing software developer.
We help lean manufacturers solve their manufacturing problems and pursue operational excellence with software based on the expertise of continuous improvement professionals with decades of experience.

Who we are?

Optegrity Solutions is a comprehensive suite of applications designed by operations leaders and lean practitioners to assist organizations in their lean transformation journey by addressing key areas such as work standardization, cross training, line balancing, quality at the source, problem solving, OEE, and etc.

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Unlock Your Organization's Potential with Comprehensive Lean Applications

Our suite of Lean tools are designed to meet the needs of your business. Your continuous improvement and quality goals need to be supported, and our intuitive, powerful, and user-based Lean tools provide the support your organization needs to let excellence flow...
Helping Excellence Flow...

Optegrity Solutions, LLC

Manufacturing is like an orchestra and the instruments are people , processes and properties . Keeping these three Ps in sync is the most important and yet challenging part of in manufacturing operations management and this is exactly what we do in Optegrity. We make these connections visible , traceable and scalable.

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Connect and Sync

Easily connect to other platforms

Our solutions are all cloud-based with the capability of connecting to other platforms such as ERPs, CRMs, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Optegrity?

Optegrity is the Midwest's largest lean manufacturing software company, providing scalable, cloud-based platforms to help manufacturers achieve operational excellence by focusing on work standardization and documentation, line balancing, quality at the source, OEE, etc.

How does Optegrity approach manufacturing optimization?

Optegrity utilizes the Theory of Constraints to identify and eliminate bottlenecks throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. It provides a suite of smart tools, such as loading charts and value stream analysis, to facilitate this process and incorporates lean concepts like safety, quality, and work standardization.

What solutions does Optegrity offer?

Optegrity offers a suite of lean tools designed to meet the continuous improvement and quality goals of lean manufacturers. Its solutions are all cloud-based, with the capability of connecting to other platforms such as ERPs and CRMs.

How customizable are Optegrity's solutions?

Optegrity's solutions are highly customizable, allowing manufacturers to create and maintain documents customized to their unique business needs. Optegrity also provides a Training Management module tied to operations to keep work instruction and organizational knowledge current.


What customers are saying

"I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction with Optegrity Routine, a powerful software solution that has significantly transformed the way we manage our standard works. Optegrity Routine has become an indispensable tool in our daily workflow, revolutionizing our productivity and efficiency in development and presentation of our standard works at the shop floor as well as tracking the operators training on the assigned operations."

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Thomas Andsager
OpEx and Lean Manager

"Overall I am very happy with the software. I am able to easily see what is happening with problems within our company and see that they get resolved."

Nick Coulter
General Manager

"I really like how much control we have over the whole Quality System. The visibility this tool gives us on the pain points was a game changer in our problem-solving efforts."

Kim smith
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Work Instructions, Processes and Procedure
Closed Quality Defects
Solved Problems
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